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Living in Richmond we rely on functioning sewer systems and Sewer Lateral Repair Richmond CA services.

Clogged drains or damaged lines disrupt daily life from El Cerrito to San Pablo.

When sewer troubles strike, trust the local experts at Cruz and Companies for a variety of services, including sewer repair and water heater installation.

For decades, we’ve provided top-notch plumbing services to families and businesses in the area.

Sewer Lateral Repair
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    “We really liked overall service and friendly behavior.” 
    Chirag Gupta

    Our team expertly diagnoses and repairs cracked pipes, nasty clogs, and other sewer issues. Using the latest techniques and equipment, we get it fixed right. Don’t let plumbing problems become nightmares.

    Call Cruz and Companies for prompt, affordable service from friendly professionals putting many years of plumbing excellence to work. We’ll have your lines flowing smoothly again fast. 

    Understanding Sewer Lateral Repair

    If you live in Richmond, your home’s sewer lateral is a vital piece of plumbing you can’t afford to ignore. This pipeline connects your property’s drains to the city’s main sewer line.

    Over the years, tree roots, soil shifts, and old age can wreak havoc – cracking or clogging this crucial pipe.

    The signs aren’t pretty. Nasty odors, toilets and sinks backing up, and drains running slow are all red flags that your sewer pipe needs some TLC.

    Ignoring these issues is just asking for costly repairs and massive headaches down the road.

    As a homeowner, you need to keep an eye out for any sewer line troubles. At the first whiff of something foul or clog that won’t clear, it’s time to call in the professionals.

    Leaving a damaged sewer lateral unaddressed can lead to raw sewage leaks that endanger your home and the environment.

    Getting repairs done promptly by experienced plumbing pros is the best way to keep your sewer lateral – and your sanity – properly maintained.

    A little prevention goes a long way toward avoiding huge sewer nightmares.

    At Cruz and Companies, we offer comprehensive Plumbing Solutions tailored to address any sewer line troubles promptly and efficiently, ensuring the health and functionality of your home’s plumbing system, whether for residential or commercial needs. 

    Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

    overflowing toilets

    You want to pay attention to your home’s sewer line. Once problems start brewing, they can turn into a total nightmare fast. Putrid smells, overflowing toilets, water backing up everywhere – yeah, it gets that bad.

    The tricky part is catching sewer line issues early before they become a huge mess. You’ve got to keep your eyes peeled for little warning signs like:

    1. Frequent clogs and drains constantly running slow. If it’s happening all over your house, something bigger is likely happening.

    2. Foul odors wafting up from your sinks, showers, or even the yard. That funky sewage stench is a dead giveaway.

    3. Sewage water bubbling up into your bathtub or toilet. This is an emergency code red situation!

    4. Unexplained wet spots or sinkholes forming on your lawn, especially near where the sewer line or septic tank is located underground.

    5. Water leaks appear in your yard, particularly near the location of your sewer line. These leaks can indicate cracks or damage in the sewer lateral, leading to further issues if left unaddressed.

    Any of those red flags means it’s time to quit messing around and get a professional plumber out to your place pronto. Trying to fix deep sewer line clogs or cracks is asking for trouble.

    Be sure to deal with the problem before you’re ankle-deep in a nightmare. As soon as you detect anything fishy with your pipes and drains, call a trusted pipe repair plumbing company immediately. Getting it fixed at the first sign of issues can save you tens of thousands in damage.

    ReliablePlumbing Solutionsin Richmond, CA
    Your Trusted Partner for Quality Service!

    Sewer Services

    When sewer lines start acting up in Richmond, Cruz and Companies is the crew you want for sewer repair services. Our skilled plumbers are available 24/7 for Emergency Services.

    We’re talking full-service sewer repair ninjas equipped with all the latest tech and tools. Need trenchless repairs to replace busted lines without tearing up your yard?

    We’ve got you covered. Need hydrojetting to blast through stubborn blockages and other plumbing issues? That’s our specialty.

    Or maybe it’s time for a complete sewer line replacement or sewer lateral replacement—our pipe bursting technique gets it done fast with minimal disruption.

    The best part? Our team is on call 24/7 to handle any unexpected plumbing emergency, including water heater repair needs.

    Is your toilet overflowing like crazy in the middle of the night? 
    Just give us a ring, and we’ll have a truck rolling to get things flowing again ASAP.

    Plus, we specialize in sewer line inspection and repairing and maintaining water lines to ensure the smooth flow of water throughout your property.

    From routine sewer cleaning and maintenance to major repairs, you can count on Cruz and Companies to attack every job with experience, efficiency, and good old-fashioned integrity.

    After decades of serving this community, we know how to get Richmond’s sewer systems in tip-top shape, whether it’s through routine maintenance, major repairs, or installing a new system and sewer Line Cleaning.

    In addition to repair services, we offer comprehensive sewer line cleaning to keep your pipes flowing smoothly.

    Our high-powered hydrojetting equipment effectively removes buildup, debris, and blockages from your sewer lines, restoring them to optimal functionality.

    Regular sewer line cleaning can help prevent clogs and backups, saving you from costly repairs and inconvenience in the long run.

    Why Choose Cruz and Companies?

    When your sewer line throws a fit, you need a plumbing crew you can really trust to get the job done right. Here in Richmond, that crew is Cruz and Companies.

    We’ve been the go-to local sewer repair pros for decades. What sets us apart as a top Richmond plumber?

    We have an amazing team of skilled technicians who know the ins and outs of sewer line repairs. Burst pipes, stubborn clogs, root invasions – you name it, they’ve seen and fixed it all. These guys are true masters of their craft.

    But it’s more than just expertise. At Cruz and Companies, we treat your home like ours. You can count on us to show up on time, walk you through every step, and get that repair handled with courtesy and care.

    No cutting corners, ever. Whether it’s repairing sewer lines or fixing plumbing fixtures, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle it all.

    The best part? Our service is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Middle of the night Christmas Day emergency plumbing services? We’re just a call away to get that sewage situation under control.

    You’ll never have to stress or wait around. We also provide transparent pricing, so you’ll know exactly what to expect, including any Sewer Line Replacement Cost.

    After many years serving this community, we’ve built a reputation for being the honest, hardworking plumbing pros you can always depend on.

    So next time your sewer line starts acting up, skip the headaches and call up the team you can trust – Cruz and Companies.

    ReliablePlumbing Solutionsin Richmond, CA
    Your Trusted Partner for Quality Service!

    Our Process

    With Cruz and Companies handling your sewer line repairs, you can breathe easy knowing the whole process will be smooth sailing from start to finish. None of those shady tactics some plumbers pull – we keep everything honest and above board.

    It starts with a thorough inspection to get to the root of your pipes’ problems. Whether it’s a broken pipe requiring new pipe installation, a stubborn clog, or a root invasion, our techs will run a camera through the line and check every inch until they pinpoint the problem.

    Once they’ve diagnosed it, we’ll lay out all the repair options for you with a straightforward cost estimate—no pricing games or hidden fees.

    When you give us the go-ahead, we’ll schedule that repair for whatever day and time work best for your schedule. Our crews show up on time, ready to work with all the proper tools and materials on the truck.

    Forget worrying about plumbers making a huge mess or taking forever – we work quickly and neatly to get that repair done efficiently for all your plumbing needs, including garbage disposal repair 

    Customer Satisfaction

    At Cruz and Companies, customer service is what it’s all about. Making our customers happy is our top priority. We aren’t some fly-by-night plumbers – we take great pride in our craft and do every job the right way.


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    Marlo Personal EmailMarlo Personal Email
    22:24 02 Jan 23
    Eric was great. He performed a total repipe on my 4 bed 2 bathroom home. He also put in a new faucet in the bathroom and kitchen.My wife and I are completely satisfied with his service and we would recommend him to any and everone.We also will be going into contract with him again soon on another project. If you are trying to decide between Cruz & Companies and a different company. STOP RIGHT NOW. LET ME HELP YOU OUT. Pick Cruz. Eric is the man.....
    Jesse FranklinJesse Franklin
    15:33 14 Dec 22
    Really really impressed with Eric's service. My tankless water heater went out, and he was able to get me a new one installed, with all new pipes and layout within 24 hours. I would absolutely recommend to anyone in Richmond that is having any plumbing issues.
    Sachidananda DashSachidananda Dash
    16:51 24 Nov 22
    We had to relocate our washer and dryer to the garage. Eric did a fantastic job installing the required plumbing. He did a clean job and addressed all of our concerns.
    Megan MartinezMegan Martinez
    18:32 21 Nov 22
    We called Eric during an emergency. A Sunday evening and our sewer backed up so bad that the water was gushing out of the toilet hole in the floor. Literally gushing to where my bathroom had 2 inches off sewer water in it. Ran into the hallway and under the bathroom floor to the sub floor. Eric took our call, came over and did an inspection. Let us know what was going on and what he needed to get to fix it. He came back this morning and went down into the crawl space to access the sewer line. He found the clog and quickly cleared it out. He found a leak coming from our other bathroom tub and recommended repairing it as well as the area of piping where the clog took place as it will likely keep clogging. Eric won’t haggle you for money or offer you anything that isn’t needed. I 100% recommend Eric and this company. They know their stuff and you won’t break the bank either.
    Alex ChuAlex Chu
    23:59 30 Sep 22
    Eric installed a water softener for us.The work was of high quality, and the new plumbing looks beautiful. System works well.Eric is very knowledgeable, and was able to answer a lot of my questions about the new system, and helped recommend several improvements to our home plumbing.

    Local Regulations and Compliance

    Dealing with Richmond sewer line issues involves navigating strict regulations and building codes. It’s not the kind of job you want to trust to just any trusted plumber – one misstep, and you could end up with a massive legal headache on your hands.

    That’s where the pros at Cruz and Companies really shine. We’ve been specializing in Richmond sewer repairs for decades, so we know all the ins and outs of local laws front to back. Want to avoid nasty fines and violations? We’ve got you covered.

    Our team handles every aspect by the book, from pulling the proper permits from the city or county to ensuring repairs meet Richmond’s stringent construction codes and the last detail set by local authorities, including gas line installation.

    You can sleep easy knowing your sewer lateral repair is 100% legit and up to code. The last thing you need is an plumber cutting corners only to have the county inspector rain hell. With Cruz and Companies expertise, you get a job done comprehensively and compliantly from start to finish.

    Richmond homeowners trust us to follow the rules and do things right. So whether it’s the city, county, state – you name it – our crews have it covered. That’s the mark of true professionals you can rely on.

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